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empirically speaking
27th-Oct-2014 10:17 pm - the neon blue
The Healing

It really had me dying for more until I was dying and no more. Face down in the Yarra with a subdued splash, my soul seeped out of most every orifice while the full moon glanced off the shimmering surface.

Pockets of air bubbled to the surface as I submerged into a long sleep. Who would find me floating down into the bay?

Daily, lonely boatmen would thump their oars against my rotting carcass in the every-so-often shallows, but, having been mistaken for a limnological local they just struggled on by. My empty gaze sometimes found the neon blue surface as I rotated slowly in the ocean depth.

The rot clung to my face with each passing day. How would the healing find me drifting through underwater currents this way?
13th-Sep-2014 10:14 pm - for my friends
It's been seven months since the break now, but I still visit once in a while. To see the banner that doesn't fill the normal breadth of resolutions nowadays; to contemplate writing something; to revisit old entries (I actually wrote that?), and; to generally wonder if we can ever have those days back again.

The start of this slippery slope coincided with becoming an accountant. The rumours may be true: accountants have the most boring lot out there, or it could just be an unhappy coincidence. Either way, I feel that it's true. The colour is being sucked out of me each day with each thundering debit and clanging credit.

I'll have to cut this visitation short as I'm being invited to play some DotA 2, but I hope to be back, friends.

It's been too long.
3rd-Nov-2013 11:21 pm - brrrrrrggrrrghhghhhhh
I've had this blank draft page open for weeks now. There were things written along the way, but they've all been backspaced into the abyss already.

Looks like another month tumbling around in the dryer!
6th-Oct-2013 11:22 pm - after all tomorrow is another day
We had 'You Got Mail' running in the background earlier tonight. I got up and left the room as Meg Ryan sat waiting at a park bench and Tom Hanks' dog came bounding in followed by its owner, whereupon 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow' started playing as they gazed dreamily at each other from a short distance.

As a result of the few hours spent sprawled in front of the TV, ('Gone With the Wind' was also playing earlier,) my internal monologue has taken on a Tom Hanks flavour. Here we go.

Dear reader, something nice must have happened to you today. No?

I imagined that you were laughing for no apparent reason. Your presence covered everything nearby in the bask of a morning glow. The sidewalk lit up with each step, like one of those floor pianos in the American movies. Small birds fluttered by in the foreground and in the distance I thought I saw you dancing in a mist of petals in the Melbourne Spring.

That's when you truly started to shine, indeed with the light of a thousand suns, so that at that moment everything was eclipsed in white.

And that was the end of that.
1st-Oct-2013 10:18 pm - Turnstile

A yelp and a dash for the door
An office chair spins in her wake.


I've been writing on Evernote more these days. Is it possible you've all been waiting? This is an old one from Autumn this year.

18th-Sep-2013 11:09 pm - ,,,
A Journey Apart

Today was the day. He returned home on a fearful note and a wobbly step across the threshold. His soles were fresh off the southern seaboard that very day. His gaze was impenetrable. His grasp was pained, palms destroyed by rope and brine. The warmth of this room enveloped and surrounded his body like never before as she set a meal before him with a familiar porcelain clank.

On the trip he had read Hemingway, a topical recommendation. After finishing 'The Old Man and The Sea' he could not remember a syllable of what he had read, but it wasn't important as long as he had physically read it after all. Besides the pages were definitely worn, evidence of the journey.

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